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Test Weight: 63.0 kg/hl Min. Moisture: 13% Max. Crude Proteins: 11%Min. Crude Fiber: 6%Min. Crude Fat: 2%Min. Color: White/pale yellow, (2.8-4.4) EBC. Other Color: 3%Max. Damaged Grains: 2%Max. Grain: 38/40. Other Cereal Grains: 2.5%Max. Grain Impurities: 3%Max. Impurities: 4%Max. Ash: 3.5%Max. Mineral Matter: 0.75%Max. Foreign Matter: 4.5%Max. Crystallization percentage: 5%Min. PH value: should not go below (5.7). The barley should be free from roots.

Excretions of Insect & Other Animal: 4%Max. Poisonous seeds: 0.01%Max. Poisonous: 0.01%Max. Free from Agro diseases. Free from any lives insect's pests & harmful deal insects. Free from harmful material & dioxins. Free from fermentation, not lumpy or rotten. Not treated with chemicals harmful to man or animals. Mercury: Free certified. Radiation: Free certified. Crop: 2006 / 2007 /2008 Seller's options. Mode of Payment: 100% Irrevocable Confirmed, Transferable, Divisible L/C at Sight from Prime Bank. Or 50% Advance at the time of Confirming the Order through T/T and Balance 50% at the time of Fax Copy of B/L.